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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is back

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is back

By daniele

What is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

This is a free game that was on October 25, 2017, and worldwide the following month, it is available for iOS and Android devices.

For this month of October comes new things for Jack’s exciting adventures this month in Animal Crossing, it is now possible You could even win some of the amazing prizes lurking in the camp.

Jack’s enchanted feast, the latest Animal Crossing event:

  1. Seasonal Event: Jack’s Bewitching Banquet: Collect cookies by participating in various camp activities and you can win the following items such as a table for a magical ceremony, on which a witch’s broom and a small witch’s hat are placed.
  2. Garden Event: Jack’s Sorcery School: Now you can plant pumpkins to get new rewards such as sorcery class slate, sorcery school desk, and sorcery homework set.
  3. Scavenger Hunt: Graveyard Scavenger Hunt: In the Graveyard, you will be able to find the treasure of the month and look for different items like a graveyard arbor, glowing scarecrow, and twisted graveyard tree.  
  4. Fishing Tourney (Alchemy): It is possible to win a rack of water items, an alchemy workshop table, a jar full of golden potions, and more when you catch special fish for tournaments, such as haunted frogs.
  5. Happy Homeroom: New Event Classes for October: With the items, you’ve collected this month practice your interior design skills in two new sets of event classes.
  6. About Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: You can now download the game and enjoy meeting new friends.
  7. Plant pumpkins: It is now possible to grow pumpkins on your island and harvest them. With these pumpkins, you can create recipes for various decorative items that will enhance the appearance of your island and give it a wonderful and mysterious Halloween atmosphere.
  8. Costumes: At this time of year, you can buy candy at Nook’s Cranny to share with your villagers and give to Jack. Likewise, at the Hunter Sisters Store, you can buy all kinds of clothes to go to therapy.
  9. Altar of the Dead: Although the Animal Crossing update is focused on Halloween, the Nintendo video game has many possibilities if you want to put your Day of the Dead altar on your island. You can put flower chairs or hats and clothes that refer to the Day of the Dead, just look at the designs in our sister’s craft store.