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The best video games to play at this time of the year

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These are some of the video games that you can download to celebrate Halloween and this list is made for horror fans, this list includes a “Scare Rating” that indicates how many scares you can expect from the game, these are some of the games that you can download:

  1. Layers of Fear: Mind-bending scares, good use of sound and lots of scary moments make us forget that it is one of the most moving games that dance and that its time is limited. This doesn’t mean you’ll beat it, as the magic, puzzles, and scenery changes will leave you glued to the screen, wishing the sound card would go to hell.
  2. Dead by Daylight: The bad thing about games where terror is written and AI is admitted is that you will soon end up knowing its terrible twist, but if you take the whole concept to a multiplayer game, everything changes completely. Here the fear will come from the hand of a killer controlled by you or by another player, so seeing them in the Death of the Sun will never be an option.
  3. Silent Hill 2: One of the classics that always comes to mind when we talk about horror in video games. Silent Hill 2 has found the knowledge that the saga failed to transmit in the last parts, and because of its real story, it is difficult to try.
  4. Bloodborne: The first game from Software, developer of the Ghost series, in the dark fantasy RPG line. Bloodborne took the complicated third-person combat of Dark Souls, turned it on its head, and brought some of the best gothic fantasy and romance to it. If you own a PS4, I can’t recommend this game enough.
  5. Resident Evil Village: This game combines the classic horror of the franchise with a strong focus on gameplay. While the changes may not be in the desired direction for some, what the Village aims to do is more successful. Protagonist Ethan Winters searches for his kidnapped daughter among the city’s wolf hordes. The way is clear, and the air is calm.
  6. Back 4 Blood: The spiritual successor to the popular Black 4 Blood series is currently at the top of the Steam charts.
  7. Little Nightmares 2: It is a video game of adventure, horror, and puzzles and starts date February 10, 2021, this is a single-player video game and can be found on various platforms.
  8. DOOM: Eternal: This is a game in the id Software series, and arguably the best to date combining extreme gameplay with beautiful graphics.
  9. Poppy Playtime: A new game in this series developed by MOB Games, it has become popular in the horror puzzle genre and the first chapter for Steam and released for Android and the app store for IOS.
  10. The SOMA: This is a horror, survival, and sci-fi video game, it has a single-player videogame mode that also uses a survival and psychological horror approach to puzzle solving. 
  11. Bto lair Witch: Blair Witch’s survival requires nothing more from the player than fear. Your tools are simple; things like your camera, flashlight, and even your dog are, things you will rely on in your journey. The dog itself, Bullet, is one of the best (and most popular) machines in any current horror game.
  12. Pathologic: It is a survival game where players choose three characters and were released in Russia were other CIS countries by Buka Entertainment for the UK on August 18, 2006, was released.
  13. The room: It is a puzzle video game that is on IOS platforms and the Android version 2013 and later launched on Google play. Players solve 3D puzzles in a house, often by opening a box to find another game inside. There is also another “Null” state that helps the player guess the links.
  14. Dead Space: It is a third-person shooter video game with a horror setting and was released on October 14, 2008, and is on Xbox 360, P, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms and has sand survival horror modes.
  15. The cat lady: It is a 2012 horror game that is controlled entirely with arrow keys, which makes it simple but amazing and is a well-told story that draws you in with its dense dialogue and surreal images. Also, this game solves some difficult problems, making it a cult.
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