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‘Total War: Medieval II’ Coming to iOS and Android This Spring

‘Total War: Medieval II’ Coming to iOS and Android This Spring

By daniele

Given that Feral Interactive ported Creative Assembly’s 2006 strategy game Total War: Medieval II to Linux and macOS in 2016. it makes sense for Feral to withdraw from the Android and iOS ported back catalogue. And so is the next mobile port for Feral Interactive Total War: Medieval II, due out in the spring. Feral’s final move to mobile was a great port of alien isolation. And with Feral’s excellent track record of releasing some of the best Android games. 

The mobile port of Total War: Medieval II could also be great. In the trailer above, you can glimpse Total War: Medieval II as quickly as a movie. This is the 2006 classic strategy game of Creative Assembly, the fourth game in the Total War series. Like the other titles in the series, it’s a mix of real-time and turn-based battles. This particular release explores the Middle Ages with content that spans Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The game has a lot of positive reviews on Steam, and with Feral steering the mobile port, it’s likely that the game will be great on Android and iOS.

Expected to add touch controls, and a recent press release states that fans can expect the entire game without compromise. This certainly sounds promising. So far, I’m not sure how well monetize the game or how much it will cost, but I’m looking forward to another premium release from the studio. Spring is provided as the current window, so there is no exact release date. But at least the game should arrive relatively early.


Like all Feral mobile releases, Total War: Medieval II is a complete game with a significant upgrade to the custom touch control mechanism. This mechanism first debuted in Rome. These improvements make it easier for players to understand tactics and commands while controlling thousands of troops on the screen to dominate the mobile battlefield.