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30 Baby Names For Gamer Parents

30 Baby Names For Gamer Parents

By israelipanda

Naming a child is something hard to do, it could be quite possibly of the hardest thing two individuals will at any point need to achieve. Guardians need to concur with one together and afterward they need to manage family, companions, and outsiders having an assessment on it. It tends to be depleting and feel unendingly pivotal.


Quite possibly of the best thing about names motivated by computer games is that they will be one of a kind and innovative. We have chosen to begin with the names for the little heaps of pink in our lives.

Kairi is a person from the game ‘Realm of Hearts.’ She is a lady whose heart holds just light and no dimness. An extraordinary motivation.


Lara is a name that got going in a computer game and afterward it crossed into films too. It is the name of the lead champion from Tomb Raider. Lara Croft was extreme and savvy. She was an English paleologist globe-trotter and she kicked some butt. It is an extraordinary motivation.


Zelda was one of the greatest computer game frenzies the world has at any point seen, so there will undoubtedly be a couple of names motivated by it on this rundown.

 She was a little person who talked a blend of English and Japanese. She had an extraordinary devotion to saving the world.


Rayne is a lovely name that is ideal for any little princess. Rayne is the female champion from the game BloodRayne. This was a progression of experience activity computer games that were exceptionally well known, and this name makes certain to be a hit.


A ton of the best computer games come to us from Japan, and that implies there will be an exceptional and outlandish names to find. She was the most despised adversary of one of different characters. This name may not be a hit in the western world, yet it is extremely well known in Japan.


We have our second name that is enlivened by the universe of Zelda. Epona is the name of Link’s pony in The Legend of Zelda. This name appears to be legit when you discover that the name has a place with the Celtic goddess of ponies.


The name Saria is viewed as charming and wonderful and ideal for anybody. The name Saria is propelled by the Sage of the Forest from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. An imaginative name will captivate everyone.


Alyx is a novel name that is articulated like ‘Alex’, however it has a turn on the spelling making it stick out. The name is roused by one of the characters from the ‘Half-Life 2’ game.

The beneficial thing about this name is that the vast majority won’t actually understand that it is propelled by a computer game. They will feel that guardians just got innovative with the spelling.


‘Vital mission at hand’ is an exceptionally famous game, and we have our most memorable name roused by this well known game. The name Anya is a person from this game and it is the Russian variant of the name Anne. This name is most ordinarily heard in Poland, Russia and Sweden.


Daisy is a sweet and flower name and is ideally suited for guardians who are searching for a more sensitive name for their little one. The name is brought to us by ‘Super Mario Land,’ which is one of the most notable computer games ever. Princess Daisy of Sarasaland was one of the significant characters in that game.


Presently, here is a name that you will not hear without a doubt.

Bayonetta is the primary person from the computer game of a similar name. The game ‘Bayonetta’ is known as a game where you are going after the two heavenly messengers and evil spirits. A game is intensely centered around hand to hand fighting. She likewise has an incredible funny bone.


How is it that we could have this rundown and exclude Zelda as a genuine name for your child?

This is one of the most played and very much adored computer games that has at any point existed. It was made by Shigeru Miyamoto and is as yet cherished and played everywhere. The main ruin with this name is that it will be clear where your child got their name from.


Wynne is quite possibly of the most remarkable name on our rundown.

It comes to us from the game ‘Winged serpent Age.’ Wynn was an old woman who was everything except delicate and powerless. She was an infinitely wise and caring elderly people ladies who declined to just sit idle. She battled to save the world close by every other person.


Jade is a famous name right now since guardians are cherishing naming their youngsters after diamonds and stones.

Jade is likewise the name of the lead character from ‘Past Good and Evil.’ She is an inquisitive photojournalist. She is courageous, and she is driven by her need to assist with peopling around her. An extraordinary good example.


‘Occupant Evil’ is another of those computer games that has moved over to the big screen, as there have been numerous film variations made. Ada Wong is a strange government operative who is working for a mystery organization. She shows up arbitrarily, and she is generally there to help the principal characters.


We are presently onto the segment where we will investigate a portion of the kid’s names. Cortez is the lead character from the game ‘Timesplitters.’ He is a person who jumps through time and is known for being extremely clever. An enchanting name for any young man.