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New battle modes are coming to Mario Kart

New battle modes are coming to Mario Kart

By daniele

What is Mario Kart?

They are several video game racing genres that are developed by Nintendo and have a trademark of Super Mario and this has the appearance of the characters of the same franchise of Mario, distributed by Nintendo, Bandai Namco entertainment.

Mario Kart’s new generalities

We received great news related to one of the most beloved franchises of Nintendo and, it is Mario Kart or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, now there is a new version 2.1.0 of the game released recently, which brought the second part of the DLC Bonus Track Pass, it also includes some surprising changes in the game world.

  1. Increased the number of ghosts you can download from 16 to 32.
  2. Adjusted the size in which a vehicle flies out, according to its weight.
  3. The time it takes for item boxes to regenerate after another player picks them up is further reduced.
  4. The time it takes for a player to be able to get a coin dropped by another player is reduced.
  5. It is now easier to look forward in the air when using smart steering.
  6. The cars in which the Shy Guys ride in Wii Coconut Center now move from time to time in all modes except Time Attack mode.

New Battle Modes

There are five game modes that you can choose freely or choose a random battle that will choose one of them automatically. You can change some options before you start playing. However, you will play together with 11 other players, there are two battle modes in which you must destroy the balloons and the other 3 objectives are very different, these are the game modes:

  1. Balloon Battle: You play individually or in teams and the objective is to remove the balloon from the opponent while using a mushroom or a superstar if you run out of balloons you lose points.
  2. Piranha Patrol: This mode is played in teams, if you catch the outlaws will achieve victory, the outlaws can release their comrades from the switch under the prison, and the plants can not catch anyone for a few moments.
  3. Bobombarding: It can be played in teams and individually, you launch Bob-bombs launched non-stop from your vehicle to pop balloons, if you go through different boxes you will be able to accumulate up to 10 bob-bombs.
  4. Coin Battle: Played in teams and individually, collect as much money as you can before the time runs out to rank up and take the crown and you must hit your competitors with things to make them lose money. You can also get rid of them if you find them using Turbo Mushroom.
  5. Assault on the sun: Can be played individually and in teams, you hit your opponents with objects to win, you must catch the sun and defend it until the time runs out.

Note: When you play in teams, you can win if you were not the player who popped the most balloons, but your team did. If you play alone, you must be the player who pops the most balloons to win.