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Return of Silent Hill? Konami is ready!

Return of Silent Hill? Konami is ready!

By israelipanda

There were new bits of hearsay about the arrival of the Silent Hill series, as per which, work on the undertaking was shared with Sony’s in-house studio known from the Gravity Rush series. The reports were somewhat more dependable thanks to a Japanese manga craftsman, who as of late visited Konami’s central command.

The creative mind of repulsiveness game fans was being mixed by bits of gossip about a potential return of the Silent Hill series for a little while at this point. The wellspring of the most recent reports is Esthetic Gamer, which has a decent standing in this, on the grounds that the client has beforehand over and over shared realities about Japanese games (for example about the eventual fate of the Resident Evil series), which later ended up being valid.

As indicated by him, the group that fostered the Gravity Rush series is dealing with the new SH. It is going by Keiichiro Toyama, who additionally assumed this part in the primary portion of Silent Hill. The studio is claimed by Sony and the creation costs, as well as future benefits, are to be divided among this company and Konami. The task might be delivered not long from now.

Simultaneously, Esthetic Gamer burdens that the bits of gossip that Sony has assumed control over the establishment are false. The two organizations work intently together to restore the series, yet Konami remains its proprietor.

Keiichiro Toyama has long needed to make another frightfulness game, however the moderately low deals consequences of the Gravity Rush and Siren series implied that Sony wasn’t excessively anxious to fund another costly undertaking by this maker. This disposition changed just whenever the open door emerged to revive the Silent Hill brand. By and by, the financial plan is still to be lower than in average Sony super creations.

Toyama isn’t the main veteran of the series who deals with the venture. Akira Yamaoka, the author of the music for a large portion of the brand’s portions, and Masahiro Ito, the planner of the initial four pieces of SH, are likewise to be engaged with the creation.

Moreover, Esthetic Gamer likewise gotten back to the subject of continuing work on the dropped Silent Hills. Discussions on the subject with Kojima Productions are supposed to proceed and chip away at the undertaking has not begun at this point.

Worth focusing on last month Konami prevented the tales from getting new portions of the series. In any case, as Esthetic Gamer brings up, this amounts to nothing. The client advises us that the organization had proactively been denying reality previously – for example at the point when it rejected that Hideo Kojima was leaving its positions, guaranteeing that he just went on vacation, while the truth was totally unique.

A Japanese manga craftsman Suehiro Maruo added a validity to the gossipy tidbits about Silent Hill’s return. He as of late had a gathering at Konami’s central command and on this event he transferred a photograph with the Silent Hills logo to his profile on Tumbrl.