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The best cooking games on PC in 2022

The best cooking games on PC in 2022

By daniele

As with real-life cooking, recipes for good cooking games depend on the quality of the ingredients and how well they complement each other.

If you’re looking for an entirely new cooking-related experience, or if you’re not a master chef yet. But if you still would love to try some advanced kitchen action, trying out some cooking video games may be the answer. Let’s dive into the list of the best cooking games on PC in 2022 that you can play right now.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is a beautiful cooking game and a sequel to its predecessor, Overcooked. The second game takes in all the goodness of the first game and further enhances the overall experience. You play as an animal chef in a team with other chefs and prepare orders for customers waiting at the restaurant.

Cooking Simulator

It’s finally here. It’s one of the masterpieces that makes you a master chef. One of the best cooking games for PC in 2022 is Cooking Simulator. It’s also definitely one of the best restaurant games on your PC. Running a restaurant in a carefully constructed universe it’s a first-person cooking game where you have to slice things.

Battle Chef Brigade

This animated game was chosen for its beautiful hand-painted graphic style, and RPGs undertake cooking games. Before returning to the kitchen, you need to find and catch the ingredients. The better the food you can see, the better the food you prepare. This captivating cooking game combines match 3 inspired cooking puzzles with 2D fighters’ actions against monsters in different locations to win the best food contests.

A Restaurant Tycoon Game

Tycoon games tend to be very satisfying once you get the hang of them, and Chef: Restaurant Tycoon games are spectacular. It has won its place in the best cooking games. In this game, start with a small restaurant and a little money, and make whatever you like.

Burger Shop 2

This is a sequel to the Burger Shop, a game that ran a powerful hamburger empire but lost everything, and this is where the fun begins. It would help if you regained your former glory by returning to the old restaurant and rebuilding it from scratch. Both story modes offered by the game have over 240 levels, so that you can expect a fair amount of content.

That’s it, and it’s closing time. We hope that one of these best cooking games on PC in 2022 will captivate you and make the most of it. They are thematic, from simple management games to time trials where every action produces results, no matter how small.