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Final Fantasy XIV Review

Final Fantasy XIV Review

By daniele

Final Fantasy XIV nails the series’s formula in all respects, offering the best games in the series and perhaps the clearest.

I got up early every day during my vacation and logged in to the game. Avatar was walking around while I was working. I was sneaking up on some quests and listening to music while listening to the sights and sounds in the room I found. Finally, it happened. Final Fantasy XIV fascinated me. I’ve been in the industry for much longer than I’ve heard people talk about Final Fantasy XIV. 

Yes, I’ve seen memes about free trials and acclaimed extensions. I’ve heard friends praise it. From the first launch to ARealmReborn, and since then, I’ve learned more and more about this incredible redemption arc, infiltrating what I can do, so I have to post a message about it. Bottom. At the beginning of 2021, when I learned that the expansion of the end walker was progressing, I thought it was finally time to jump into Final Fantasy XIV. I’m not an MMORPG guy.

I’ve seen my friends play World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI, and I’ve tried a few things like Guild Wars 2, but none of them got stuck. But every year, and with every new expansion, it turns out that FINAL FANTASY XIV is more than just a great MMO; it will leave a lasting impression on future games. I thought it was at least worth a try. Finally, I gave Final Fantasy XIV a fair shot this holiday season.


As the team has previously stated, Endwalker is not the conclusion of the FINAL FANTASY 14 story. Thank you letter to the fans who have poured their time, money, heart and soul into the MMORPG. This extension is a sublime and ambitious epic that interweaves stories, characters, and powerful themes in a way that only tells stories that are very familiar to the player. It’s not perfect, but the level of Endwalker feels so real despite the size of Final Fantasy XIV. So many players will find it just as good.