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Nintendo Switch Lite review

Nintendo Switch Lite review

By daniele

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a compact device perfect for those who don’t like (or never use) the docking mode of the original Switch. The design has the same performance and is more comfortable than a switch for mobile games.

Nintendo has always made great gaming handhelds. But the company’s fusion console handheld Switch changed the equation, and the Nintendo 3DS has slowly disappeared from the picture. The Switch platform is your one choice. You’re OK with the Switch Lite if you want an excellent handheld system that can play many games. It’s great. But I miss the TV-connected part of the giant Switch that adds a whole different dimension to the console. The Lite saves you $100, but it’s also a compromise unless you’re just looking for a replacement for the 3DS.

Some things haven’t changed about Nintendo since it entered the world of video games. Perhaps most consistently, the company knows how to create a great portable gaming experience. Nintendo is always making hardware that you want to hold in your hand and play with. From groundbreaking games and watches to the original Game Boy bricks to the bizarrely appealing dual-screen DS. In 2017, the idea went in a different direction with a switch that blurs the line between traditional handhelds and home video game consoles. It was a tablet that you could play wherever you liked and slip into the dock to play games on your TV. There was no separation between console games and mobile games. There was only a game. This allowed me to play the game on my terms anytime, anywhere, as possible for many, including myself. Given how harsh my hobbies are, it was a liberal outlook.

The $ 199 Switch Lite will hit the shelves on September 20th. This is a smaller and cheaper device version, eliminating core functionality. That is, you cannot connect Switch Lite to your TV. You are designed exclusively for playing in handheld mode. Nintendo has proved that the game doesn’t have to be built around hardware using the original Switch. You can enjoy the same game in different places and situations with a suitable device. Using Switch Lite, the company proved something very different. Still, you can build a perfect handheld.