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Playing Pokemon Go may help with symptoms of depression

Playing Pokemon Go may help with symptoms of depression

By daniele

Pokemon Go and other location-based mobile games can help people with depression. According to a study conducted by the London School of Economics and Political Science.

I don’t think it’s a secret that it’s beneficial for the mental health of gamers. Studies have shown that Pokemon GO is one of the games that can help gamers with symptoms of depression. This isn’t surprising, but it’s great news to hear. It turns out that Nintendo’s hugely successful alternate reality game has many more benefits than initially thought. 

The London School of Economics conducted this survey (via gamers) to determine how popular AR games affect a user’s mental health. The basic idea is that researchers have looked at internet search data for players who play Pokemon Go and those who don’t. They found that people who played the game were less likely to search for negative mental health-related terms such as “depression,” “stress,” and “anxiety.” They concluded that “location-based mobile games can reduce local depression rates.”

“Location-based mobile games like Pokemon GO can help alleviate depression by promoting personal socializing, outdoor physical activity, and contact with nature. All of this. Essential for mental health. “This study is studies that suggest it is location-based. Mobile games benefit users’ health, and the author aims to scrutinize such anecdotal claims under rigorous scientific scrutiny.

In the first 50 weeks after Pokémon Go was released in 2016, researchers in 166 regions in 12 countries used depression-related terms such as “depression,” “stress,” and “anxiety” on Google. I checked how often I searched. The London School of Economics claimed that this was “an established mechanism for measuring mild depression in the medical and public health literature,” and what they found surprised them. “The results suggest that depression-related searches have dropped significantly after the release of Pokemon GO,” they said. “These results suggest that location-based mobile games may provide short-term relief from acute and mild depression.

Studies show that Pokemon Go’s effectiveness in reducing depression-related searches emphasizes “outdoor activities, personal socializing, and exposure to nature.” This also applies to other “location-based mobile games”.