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Return to Monkey Island for PC Reviews

Return to Monkey Island for PC Reviews

By daniele

While games like Full Throttle and Grim Fandango emphasized characters and stories, Return to Monkey Island for PC is becoming more and more likely to make you laugh through endless barrages of puns and pop culture references

This is true of Escape from Return to Monkey Island for PC, The fourth game in the series. Many of them are interesting, but they aren’t. This discrepancy occurs throughout the game, from the puzzle to the interface. Escape from Monkey Island is very, very good when it’s good. However, the failure of the match spoils the overall experience.

In this chapter of Guybrush Sleepwood’s Adventure, he notices that a self-proclaimed mighty pirate and his new bride, Governor Elaine Marley, have returned from their honeymoon and have been declared dead. That false statement ended her life as her governor, so now she must confront a stingy gladiator with a dark secret. Thanks to Australian land developers, the political plot is to buy a pirate pub in the Tri Island area and turn it into a tourist-friendly place like Star Buccaneer and Planet Threepwood. On top of that, everyone seems to be looking for a voodoo artefact called the ultimate insult. These events are not as irrelevant as they seem, and Guybrush must help Elaine stop the gentrification of her lawn and find the ultimate insult before it falls into the hands of a malicious person.

To reach these goals, Guybrush must once again explore the strange Caribbean islands that surround his home, the nearby islands. He visits Jambalaya (the island most hit by Mandrill hijacking) and Lucre and returns to Return to Monkey Island, famous for the PC itself. Many of the places, like some characters, are familiar to longtime fans of the series. Many people such as LeChuck, Murray the Skull, Herman Toothrot, Otis, Carla and Meathook will appear as guests. You may have too many old favourite cameos.

I have an old joke. When the man enters the bar, he notices people yelling at the numbers and everyone at the bar bursts into laughter. He asks the going on. Much of the humour in Escape from a return to monkey island for PC is like this. Many marks allude to earlier events in the series, and they’re only funny if you’re familiar with the references.