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Nintendo Switch and PS5 Best-Selling Consoles in Europe

Nintendo Switch and PS5 Best-Selling Consoles in Europe

By daniele

The Nintendo Switch and PS5 were best-selling consoles in many parts of Europe in 2021.

According to news from foreign media, Games Industry reporters Christopher Dring, Nintendo Switch and Sony PS5 will be the best-selling consoles in many European countries in 2021. According to Dring, the Switch is the first to sell in many parts of Europe, but the Sony PS5 isn’t weak, with the PS5 taking first place in the UK, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

European video game software and hardware charts are now in March, and the number one console was the Nintendo Switch. The Xbox Series X | Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5 continue to experience delivery issues worldwide. When it comes to software, Kirby and Forgotten Land, Nintendo’s first 3D Kirby adventure, was the fifth-selling game. However, Nintendo does not share digital data with GSD. Kirby and the Forgotten Land proved to be the most popular in Germany and France.

The Xbox has been robust and was the best Microsoft non-Christmas sales period ever. In general, game revenue increased 6%, content and services increased 4%, and hardware revenue increased 14% over the same period in 2021. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that “this quarter is the market leader for next-generation consoles in the United States. Canada and the United Kingdom, and Western Europe. Adding that, the Xbox market share has increased by two quarters. Now I have increased the number.

Lifetime global Switch sales have now reached 107.65 million units as of March 31. Nintendo expects to sell 21 million Switch consoles through the current fiscal year. The global semiconductor shortage–which Nintendo believes won’t end anytime soon–has made the company revise its sales estimates. However, the console is still well within reach of becoming the third best-selling console if Nintendo’s sales prediction turns out to be true.

If the Switch can continue its momentum, it’ll outpace the global sales record of the PlayStation 5 and Game Boy over this financial year. The best-selling video game console is the Nintendo Switch and PS5, which has over 155 million lifetime sales across the world.