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Best Crypto Games to Play & Earn in 2022

Best Crypto Games to Play & Earn in 2022

By daniele

Games for winning crypto games are among the hottest new blockchain products in 2022. These games allow players to collect in-game NFT characters and trading cards worth reselling.

Cryptographic games are precisely what they say. This means. You can earn digital assets while playing and get financial rewards for your participation with these titles. This guide will discuss the best crypto games to play & earn in 2022.

Axie Infinity

This trade-and-battle, the play-to-earn game is based on “Axis” — Ethereum-minted NFTs that players can collect, breed, raise, battle against and trade with other online users. There are many different types of Axis to choose from, and the possibilities for customization are endless. When players battle other users and win, they earn love potions that can sell for AXS tokens.

Plant vs Undead

Plants vs Undead is the game for more passive players. His primary focus is agriculture. Players need to generate light energy (in-game currency, LE) to advance the game. LE can be converted into PVU tokens and traded. With the most popular cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges. Players also can earn plant NFTs, which are valued based on their rarity. 

Spider Tank

Players can earn through in-game skill-based competition, collecting game resources, and cycle upgrading. 

To upgrade their skills and firepower, players must explore a variety of NFT tank bodies, weapons, and unique items in the strategic battle arena. In addition, there are many different game modes on Spider Tank. Players can experience and win the competition by destroying the enemies on the tanks as a team of 3 players.


Without Decentraland, the list of P2E games wouldn’t be complete. Decentraland is a metaverse-like world that provides users with the opportunity to bring their imagination to life. MANA is the game’s main currency and can be used to buy things in the Metaverse, including land, virtual heroes, and character upgrades. Alternatively, you can use MANA to learn fundamental skills. Some users teach MANA’s language, musical instruments, and other crafts at player-set prices.

Cryptopop – Candy Crush Blockchain Game

Cryptopop is one of the best games to win crypto games for Candy Crush fans. In many respects, the game is the same as Candy Crush. The most crucial difference is to check the logos of popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Dogecoin instead of matching the gems. Getting rewards with Cryptopop is easy. Just by playing, the more points you can earn by checking the logo, the more cryptocurrencies you can make. Cryptopop provides tips for Ethereum and popcorn. No NFT to worry about. This is suitable if you don’t want to navigate the secondary marketplace to cash out of the game.


These are the best crypto games to play & earn in 2022. Cryptography games are a lot of fun, and you can get crypto and NFT at the same time. Now that you know the top 10 crypto games in 2022, it’s time to pick your favourite and get started!